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I-Guard specializes in matching families with the finest German shepherds for their individual needs, personalities, and lifestyles. Since 1999, I-Guard’s prestigious bloodlines and unique breeding program—coupled with expertly tailored training methods—has set a new industry standard that makes I-Guard shepherds one of the most sought after breeds in the U.S. and beyond. Every German shepherd puppy is socialized and neurologically stimulated from day one, giving them the ideal temperament as a loving family pet, personal protection dog, or superior service dog. We proudly place our shepherds in caring homes and service positions around the world.

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Cindy Wolden
I have a VERY high drive German Shepherd. He is the sweetest dog and my husband and I brought him into our lives with big dreams of him playing a... big role in our lives as a family. As he neared his 2nd birthday he began starting fights with other male dogs - I knew I wasn't getting through to him as far as correction - nothing phased him. In fact, when I did try to correct him, his tail would wag like he thought it was a game. As a puppy I took him to school to get basics and a little more and he did great, so we obviously had reached a point where he needed something more that I couldn't find anywhere else until I Guard.
Here's a snapshot of life before I Guard:
- my husband and I would warn the other if we were going to open the front door because he would want to just bolt and crash through the screen door
- i have two 3 year old girls, I would say "girls get against the wall!" when I would let him out of his crate in the morning because he would just knock them over with his gigantic 90 pound body without a thought if they were in the way.
- very limited duration of holding a command

All in all, what needed to change, as most know, is the way I was handling him. He lacked focus and a handler with clear communication that was actually getting through to him. Nick took him for the weekend and likened him to a ferrari. I needed to learn how to handle this very fast, powerful, energetic dog.

snapshot after I Guard:
- Kaiser knows and responds to a correction
- remains eager to please
- still energetic but SO controllable
- lays next to the couch while our family eats dinner - no more begging
- listens to commands to stay while I open the front door
- is very easily redirected
- will remain in a sit when another dog walks by
- will stay without a leash outside while I help one of my kids with whatever (shoe tying, getting on bike, etc)

Now, it's not that Nick taught Kaiser each one of these specific commands (no more begging, staying when the front door is open) ...what he did that's most important is open a door of communication clearly with my dog, he understands, complies, takes a correction and tries again. Kaiser is content, always looking to me for what we're going to do next - this was a huge gift to him as well. A life of understanding, safety and guidance. My husband and I can very eagerly imagine life with Kaiser as the fun loving family dog he was meant to be! There is SO much more freedom and possibility in our relationship with him and we are SO forever thankful.
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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

At I-Guard, socialization is key. Our puppies come from the best breeding dogs in the world, and are hand-raised on a ranch where they’re exposed to children and animals including horses and chickens. We look at every German shepherd puppy as a special member of our family—and a future member of yours.

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A perfect option for busy people, these puppies have already started the training process—so you can bring them home without the worry. Think of it like skipping the baby stage and the sleepless nights. Puppies range from two to 10 months old depending on your preference.

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Our young trained dogs are ready to serve in your desired capacity the first day you bring them home. Whether you’re looking for a well-trained family companion, a service dog, or a K9 to provide unsurpassed personal protection for you and your family, we have your dog.

Customer Reviews

Chris D.
Chris D.
17:20 16 Dec 21
We searched and spoke with many German Shepherd breeders. Once we connected with Jessie, we felt super comfortable as she did not rush our decision at all, in fact, she was extremely patient and helpful as we made our final choice. So glad we went with I-Guard and her! Our dog, Koda, is one of the most amazing GS's we have seen (we are biased of course :)We are constantly being stopped when we walk him and people ask to take pics at the local pet store. He is amazing with kids and has a friendly disposition. Amazing! We love him very much. Thank you again, Jessie...Koda is the best!
Elle K.
Elle K.
02:34 14 Sep 21
I can't recommend I-Guard enough. Everyone on the staff are so kind and caring. They made my boyfriend and I feel like family from the beginning. We picked up our puppy from them about a month ago. She is such an amazing fit for us, and she has a great personality, she's sweet and sassy. Jessi are so helpful, whenever we have questions she always answers anytime of day. Nick is so personable, I've only met him once so far but to see how good he is with our puppy and how much he adores and wants what's best for her makes it clear that we made the best choice for breeders. Every time we bring her to the K9 country club all of the staff drop everything to help. Such incredible staff and people. We will never go to another German Shepard breeder, we're so thrilled to be apart of the I-Guard family.
Lynn G.
Lynn G.
22:18 12 Sep 21
Great place with an amazing and friendly staff!

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