We are a premier German Shepherd breeder based in Spokane, Washington, and offer professional dog training classes for all breeds.

For more than 15 years, I-Guard has specialized in breeding German Shepherds from prestigious bloodlines and properly matching German Shepherd puppies and families together based on both the dog’s and family’s needs, personalities, and lifestyles.

I-Guard’s specialized board and train programs, and private dog training are headed by Nick Lungu, founder of I-Guard International. Nick focuses on behavior modification techniques and advanced obedience training to ensure each dog and family is safe, comfortable, and happy.

I-Guard is the founding organization of the Spokane Schutzhund Club.

The I-Guard Difference

I-Guard International operates under three core values:

1. Passionate & Inspiring

We are passionate about our business and know our passion can be passed along through our German Shepherds to their new families, inspiring them to live great lives together.

2. Build a Community

We want to create a family, not just a customer list. We work to create customers for life and train dogs that can work in service fields and contribute to the communities they live in.

3. Drive Change

German Shepherds have been bred dating back to 1899, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay with the status quo. I-Guard strives to make waves in the German Shepherd community and build upon years of processes.


Our mission is to provide the healthiest, best looking and well-trained German Shepherd puppies in the world, plus unmatched dog training services. Here at I-Guard, we want our clients to experience the fullest satisfaction possible during the German Shepherd adoption process and while owning an I-Guard German Shepherd.

For more information about I-Guard’s services and insights from some of our past clients, visit our customer testimonials page, view the German Shepherd puppies we have available for sale or read more about our dog training classes.

As always, you can contact us for more information about our German Shepherd breeding program or dog training classes.