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I-Guard International prides itself on achieving decades of experience as a world-class German shepherd dog breeder, and is registered with the AKC, USCA, GSDC and SV.

Our dog training is provided for dogs of all breeds and can assist in developmental training and solving behavioral issues, as well as for personal protection training.

Our customers frequently let us know about their experience with I-Guard, including how perfectly their German shepherd fits with their family.

The Walters | Vancouver, WA

We wanted to write you a letter to thank you for your hospitality during our visit. You were so patient with us and explained so much to us about this noble breed! You went above and beyond what we ever expected from a breeder. You know so much about and take such pride in raising German Shepherd puppies, breeding dogs, and how to care for our new puppy. We named our new puppy “Lizzy” and she is perfect in every way. She has become a part of the family in such a short period of time!

Out of all the German Shepherd dogs we have owned and raised from puppies, we have never had a puppy that has been able to learn so many commands by the age of 12 weeks. Its almost like we don’t have to tell her what to do, she already knows what is expected of her and does it willingly. She is also to become a little guardian of the family. She is very protective of everyone in the family, but especially the kids.

We are so thankful for your follow up phone calls to make sure we are doing okay and adjusting fine. You have gone out of your way to make sure we have an easy transition with Lizzy.

Judy Dunn | Pullman, WA

I want you to know that it has been a wonderful experience dealing with you both. I have seen the work, care, and especially the love that you put into raising top of the line German Shepherds. I would highly recommend you and your puppies to anyone. I am especially grateful for Nick always being available and willing to answer all of my questions and to assist me whenever I have a problem. Your help has been way more than I ever expected from a breeder.

My Maggie has more than met my expectations. She is very healthy, extremely intelligent, and absolutely beautiful. I love her dearly and I wouldn’t give her up for anything.

Thank you for all of you help and especially for a great German Shepherd puppy!

The Murrays | Potlatch, Idaho

Words seem insufficient to express the appreciation we have to you for bringing our new baby into this world. At 8 weeks old, our little boy Rebel has been a wonderful addition to our family. My husband and I, even as children have always had a German Shepherd in our lives and have always loved the breed. In September of 2003 we put down our beloved 13 year old Shepherd, Jessie which was devastating. Two years later In September of 2005 we discovered I-guard International. My first acquaintance with Nick was, to say the least, a very informative one. I learned more about the breed and his dogs and ethics in one hour than I did in my 40 years of owning one. Now, after having a new puppy in our home for the last 4 months,

I have found Nick’s knowledge and advice to be a great support in raising and training our puppy Rebel. Nick is always there for me to answer any questions by phone and in person and is not hesitant to provide me with any visual aids or quick tips for use in training my puppy or in safeguarding his health. Rebel learned most of his basic commands by or before he was 10 weeks old and he still loves to learn. I have had the privilege of meeting a few of Nick’s magnificent dogs and I am very impressed with them. All have awesome temperament, personality and intelligence. I am also very impressed with Nick’s passion and responsibility for all his dogs and puppies. I am so glad that he screens new owners and matches them with the perfect dog—it worked for us as Rebel is indeed perfect.

The Roberts | Spokane, WA

When we first learned about you and your breeding reputation in Pullman, WA, we decided we wanted to buy a German Shepherd puppy from you. Although it took a long time to go through your screening process, we are completely satisfied with the puppy we received. She is more than we could have asked for in a family companion and a protector of our home. She is very loving around our two small children. You have been very helpful by answering all of our questions we have had regarding our new puppy. You always take our phone calls and give us all the information necessary. We are very honored and thankful you were willing to sell us our German Shepherd puppy.

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Our German Shepherds

The success of I-Guard International dogs out in the world, and the happiness of I-Guard International owners, is due in part to the effort we make to ensure that you have the absolute right puppy for your situation, whatever it is. We literally spend hundreds of hours with our puppies from the moment they are born in our home until the time they are ready to leave for their new home with you. Whether you seek a devoted family pet, or a prospect for SAR, detection, Shutzhund, Police K9, competitive obedience and agility, or nose work, we will help select the right puppy for you.

An important part of the process is speaking to you to learn about you and the dog that will best meet your needs and expectations. In advance of that conversation, please complete our purchasing questionnaire. Thank you very much!