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I-Guard International German Shepherds

We are passionate about our business and know our passion can be passed along through our German shepherds to their new families, inspiring you and your dog to live a better, more fulfilled life together.

Nick Lungu


About the Owner

I am passionate about making the German Shepherd breed the best it can be. By raising our German Shepherd puppies around our young children and other animals they are prepared to enter a home atmosphere and also respond to children. We socialize and train our puppies and dogs, around children, in the malls, at the parks with other animals, and in other environments that they will be exposed to in real-life situations. By doing this, our dogs won’t only be capable of working in one specific location at a training facility. This makes our dogs simply street-smart and capable of managing any level of situation or stress. Our German Shepherd dogs have solid stable temperaments that will be a well mannered loyal family member and guardian for years to come.