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I-Guard International German Shepherds

We are passionate about our business and know our passion can be passed along through our German shepherds to their new families, inspiring you and your dog to live a better, more fulfilled life together.


Nick Lungu

By raising our German Shepherd puppies around our young children and other animals they are prepared to enter a home atmosphere and also respond to children. We socialize and train our puppies and dogs, around children, in the malls, at the parks with other animals, and in other environments that they will be exposed to in real-life situations. By doing this, our dogs won’t only be capable of working in one specific location at a training facility. This makes our dogs simply street-smart and capable of managing any level of situation or stress.
Our German Shepherd dogs have solid stable temperaments that will be a well mannered loyal family member and guardian for years to come.

“I am passionate about making the German Shepherd breed the best it can be.”

– Testimonials

Everyone on the staff are so kind and caring. They made my boyfriend and I feel like family from the beginning. We picked up our puppy from them about a month ago. She is such an amazing fit for us, and she has a great personality, she's sweet and sassy. Jessi are so helpful, whenever we have questions she always answers anytime of day. Nick is so personable, I've only met him once so far but to see how good he is with our puppy and how much he adores and wants what's best for her makes it clear that we made the best choice for breeders. Every time we bring her to the K9 country club all of the staff drop everything to help. Such incredible staff and people...

Elle KirbyI can't recommend I-Guard enough.

When my husband and I made the decision to add a new addition to our growing family, we never expected to find a place so amazing. Nick and Jessi are the epitome of caring and professionalism. We have a family of young children and wanted to make sure we found the perfect fit. From the moment we met Nick and Jessi aka “the dream team” and the rest of their staff we immediately saw through their care and training of German Shepherds that we would be taken care of throughout the entire process and beyond. Nick and Jessi were extremely personable and genuine. They took quality time to get to know us personally, our wants, needs and life style to ensure we found the German Shepherd...

Christina PerlinThere are many German Shepherd breeders in the US, but none that come even close in comparison.

Nick and Jessi have been simply the best. Nick interviewed my partner and I to identify character traits of a dog we were interested in getting. He asked us about our lifestyle, if we had any other pets, if we’ve had German Shepherds before, what our activity levels are like, etc. This was all to identify if we were a good suit for one of his dogs and to truly tailor the puppy that was perfect for us. Well, we have been absolutely blessed with the perfect puppy from this wonderful duo! Xavier, has the most well rounded personality that we could have asked for and truly fits right in with us and our two cats. We have also been blown away by Jessi’s commitment...

Frank O'ConnorOur experience with I-Guard International has been 10’s across the board.

She knows her dogs that's for sure, if ever need help she's the go-to! Nick, from what I've experienced, seems very down-to-earth and loves every minute spend with these animals. Staff has always been welcoming to all animal-lovers. I purchased my puppy here and he is perfect! Thanks guys, you're awesome. 🙂

Sarah JaneI love Jessi! She is the perfect person when it comes to customer service and caring for animals.

Nick did a wonderful job placing us with two that are a perfect fit for my family. They are absolutely the most beautiful dogs I've ever owned, and better yet, their temperaments are second to none. Extremely tolerant yet confident and aware - my three small children (all under the age of 5) are completely safe around them. The dogs watch out for the boys and are protective over our property. Nick has been very helpful and involved in their training, making sure that the dogs are on track with their education and adapting well in our home. I've always felt I had support from I-Guard through the entire process of making these dogs into "good citizens" and recommend them...

Spokane DressageFirst class breeders! I adore both of my German Shepherds that I purchased from I-Guard
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