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German Shepherd


All our German shepherd Dams and Sires are either imported directly from Europe, or are born here at our family owned kennel “I-Guard International.”

Strength & Honor

Our Boys

Our German shepherd breeding stock has certified hips & elbows, meaning they are 100% free of dysplasia (FCI or OFA) and are seen by a licensed veterinarian regularly.

Many of our adult German shepherd dogs either live with their adopted families or are part of our family while waiting for their next breeding or preparation for a dog show / competition.

Below are some of our breeding dogs that we are proud to have as the foundation of our German shepherds.



Date of birth: 11/09/2021

Sire: Odin vom Mittelwest II

Dam: Tai vom Mittelwest

Basko is a strong, male German Shepherd with a gorgeous head and expression. Basko has outstanding black and red color and his temperament is equally outstanding…

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Date of birth: 12/23/2015

Sire: Campari vom Haus Schwerzel

Dam: Centa Belona

Uko vom I-Guard International


Date of birth: 04/07/2018

Sire: Basko vom I-Guard International

Dam: Niky Astra Born

German Shepherd, for sale, near me



Date of birth: 03/21/2016

Sire: Red Bull vom Kappellenberg

Dam: Olla Di Ca’Venier

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