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Andrew And Casi Chiavaras

One of the things that stands out most about I-Guard International is Nick’s unconditional devotion to his dogs. After first meeting him, my husband and I both thought, “Wow, he really knows his stuff and loves the German Shepherds he breeds.” Over the past year, we’ve come to understand why. Living only one town over from Nick, we’ve not only been able to experience how incredible our dog Faira has turned out, but how unique all of the dogs from I-Guard become. We’ve met person after person who own one of I-Guard’s dogs and say the same thing: “I’ve never in my life seen a dog quite like this one.” Nick’s dogs are sound in temperament, extremely intelligent, seem to have an ability to understand just what their owners want, and then do it. They’re great around kids, make excellent family companions, and can be taught almost anything. If you’ve seen the pictures, you know Nick constantly produces some of the very best looking shepherds, too.

Nick has always been there to answer our every question, give advice, or help us in any way he knew how. He takes pride in his dogs and devotes his time in making sure all the owners of I-Guard puppies are just as well taken care of.

As much as we have to say about I-Guard’s breeding program, his training credentials are just as high. Thanks to Nick, our dog, Faira, is about to complete her training as a personal protection dog, has begun tracking work, and is very skilled in obedience. Within the year Nick will have taken her far enough to be able to compete in Schutzhund competitions with some of the very best dogs from around the nation. Aside from Faira, we’ve watched Nick transform dogs of all types and sizes. He’s turned vicious Pit Bulls into calm, well-mannered companions, shy puppies into strong and confident protection dogs, high-energy ankle biters into sweetly behaved lapdogs, and has trained numerous service dogs to accommodate all types of disabilities. He’s so confident with his program that he even donated a puppy to serve on the force of the Spokane Police Department. See article here:

I would highly recommend I-Guard International to anyone seeking a top quality German Shepherd or for expert training for dogs of any breed.

Thank you Nick!

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