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Bob Hess

I thought you might like an update on Eno. We have been cutting back slightly on his twice daily feeding amounts. Had him weighed at the vet Monday. 57 pounds. He becomes 5 months old this Friday. He is lean and handles his size easily on our daily walks up and down the hills that surround our house. His stamina is good for a puppy and his recovery at rest periods is better than normal. He is selective about the dogs he meets on his travels. Approaches male dogs with no fear and does not retreat but stands his ground without aggression. He is clearly in control of the encounter but not highly aggressive. He treats the females with a different attitude entirely. He does not try to mount, just is warm and friendly as he gives them what amounts to a complete physical exam. With people he is tolerant but not interested in making any new friends unless he sees one of us show friendship to the person. His intelligence is at least average to say the least and his attention to his surroundings is as good as I have seen in a pup since my Champion Lab Jake some years ago. His dentition is coming in well and of course he is experiencing the usual discomfort but continues to work hard on the fresh shank bone slices he gets from the local butcher.

In closing I must say that everything you have told me about the quality and qualities of the I-Guard bloodlines and the dogs that spring from it has been at least grossly understated. As you know, Eno is my third top class Shepherd. It is clear that he is superior to both the first Eno and also to Laredo. Both of those dogs were superb and were recognized as such in Schutzhund circles in both San Francisco and Las Vegas, respectively. Janet, Caitlin and I thank you for letting us take one of your dogs.

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