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Colleen Douglas

I had phoned many breeders in Alaska, Canada, Oregon, the east coast, California and mid-west about German Shepherd puppies for sale. Finally, referred to I-Guard , I decided to call. I spoke with Nick, and as odd as it seems, I knew immediately this man is educated in the health, history, breeding, training, and I was wanted to buy a German Shepherd puppy from him! He asked me a lot of questions to determine what type of personality would fit with my lifestyle the best. When I hung up, I must admit, I was firmly convinced!!

This Nick at I-Guard International was extremely and passionately schooled in dogs, especially German Shepherd dogs. He did not waste my time, he answered my concerns clearly and precisely as I felt I had covered the globe in my search for my perfect German Shepherd dog. So, after a couple more conversations, I decided to fly to Spokane, Washington to check out their kennel.

I am disabled so, I needed a trained companion. When I got there, I was very impressed as I-Guard’s kennels were immaculate. His dogs are the happiest German Shepherd dogs I’ve ever seen and I’ve had German Shepherd’s all my life.

Nick has and still does, via long distance, teach and helps me!! My girl is 1 ½ yrs old, and has helped me from not falling on ice at Wal-Mart the other day. Actually stepped in front of me and balanced me. Flying to Spokane, Washington to meet Nick, was the best choice I made and I would do it again in a heartbeat! If you are interested in a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog, talk to I-Guard International – it is the right choice!

Thank you, Nick, for your hard work and dedication to you German Shepherd dogs.

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