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Jeff, Lisa & Elizabeth Guest

When we made the decision to add another member to our family, we knew we wanted a German Shepherd. I had spoken to others in the past, but did not feel comfortable. Some friends of ours had purchased theirs from I-Guard International and highly recommended them to us.

I contacted Nick Lungu and after speaking with him only once, I knew we had made contact with the right person immediately. We explained to Nick Lungu what we wanted and they matched our family perfectly with the new member of our family.

We live on the East Coast in Brunswick, Georgia and were so impressed with the quality, temperament and beauty of our I-Guard International German Shepherd that we flew Dakota Vom I-Guard International back to Spokane, WA for Nick Lungu to provide training in both Advanced Obedience and Service Animal Training.

Upon completion of her training, we flew to Spokane, WA to meet and work with Nick on what he had accomplished. I am writing this testimonial to say that we were happy with Dakota before, but since Nick completed his professional and superb training of Dakota Vom I-Guard International, we are absolutely amazed and more than satisfied with how disciplined and well behaved Dakota was when we picked her up.

She flew back with us on the plane and was awesome both on the flight and in the airports. We continue to work with Dakota Vom I-Guard International as we were instructed and would recommend Nick Lungu to anyone that wants the absolute best and professional training for their dog. Consistency is crucial as we were told and we have continued to do as we were taught.

We could never say “Thank You” enough for what you guys did for our family.  There is no one better than Nick Lungu.

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