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Karin Jacobs

My name is Karin Jacobs and I have never owned a dog. I have always been a cat lover, having owned cats for 20 years. In October 2008, tragedy struck, I lost my husband unexpected on vacation in Hawaii of a massive stroke. My life turned upside down.

Still in a fog in December, a co-worker referred me to I-Guard when I expressed interest in owning a dog. I had no idea who Nick was, but I quickly discovered Nick was someone I could trust and his amazing knowledge of dogs. I wanted a female dog, but after talking with Nick for some length, he said I needed a “alpha male” to balance my life. I have two kitties, Jake and Elwood, and Nick was correct. The kitties are warming up to Tank daily!!

Nick was amazingly correct again! He had one puppy left and had 5 people wanting “Tank”, and I was the lucky one that Nick chose me to be Tank’s new Mom!

Tank is amazing, he has become my best friend. I swing with Tank on my porch swing as I read the “word” to him! Tank is so smart, I know he understand everything I read to him because he is now kneeling with me every night when I say my prayers!! (well…almost! I’m sure Nick can train Tank to do this if I asked – Nick being the puppy whisperer!)
I am so glad I met Nick, I know he and his family will be in my life forever!

Nick: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! — I LOVE MY PUPPY TANK!!! I call him my “monster puppy” as he seems to grow every day!!

There is NO way anyone can go wrong with purchasing a puppy from Nick – He truly is an amazing man who really knows his dogs!”

Thank you Nick!!

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