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Ken & Sue Anderson

We have two German Shepherd dogs and were frustrated because they did not respond to basic obedience commands. We had one dog who would pull and bark at other dogs and another who was fearful of anything she had not experienced before. We were hesitant to take them out with us for fear of having them behave badly.

Our work with I-Guard International has been incredible. We are just disappointed it took us so long to find Nick. He has done a fantastic job with our two German Shepherds…we could not be happier with the results. They are more attentive and obedient. It’s a great feeling to walk them with the leash in your pocket or, as we are starting to do, even off-leash. We can take the dogs anywhere now and are confident that they will behave. We get comments frequently now on how well behaved our dogs are. We cannot take the credit. The credit goes to Nick. He’s the best! He was able to quickly train our dogs and then was successful at the much more difficult task of training us!

We are so thankful for the entire experience with Nick. They were committed to doing everything they could do to help us. We cannot thank them enough.

We are telling all our friends about I-Guard.

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