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Lea Shields

My boyfriend and I brought our then 10-month-old Great Dane puppy Remy to see Nick at I-Guard International because he had started to become increasingly fear aggressive towards strangers and we need Remy to be dog trained. Nick was even kind enough to accommodate our move out of state by squeezing us in on short notice, despite his extremely busy schedule.

After a 2 week stay at I-Guard International and subsequent visits I saw a huge improvement in Remy’s confidence and reliability around new people. Not only did Nick help lay a foundation for good behavior for our dog, he gave us the tools and information we needed to continue to help him become more sociable with people. With Nick’s help and working with him afterwards, Remy went from being fearful, lunging, and barking at people who approached us on walks to sniffing curiously and allowing them to pet him.

Training a dog is a process that is still not over, but Nick’s expertise was invaluable in helping us overcome the issues we were having. It is obvious that Nick Lungu is very knowledgeable and dedicated to the work he does and did everything he could to help us in our individual situation. We are very grateful for his services.

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