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Mara Heath

I hardly know where to begin praising Nick Lungu, I-Guard International, and Jake, my I-Guard German Shepherd puppy. They are so wonderful!

I found I-Guard, a German Shepherd breeder, as I searched the net, and I had already spoken with several other German Shepherd breeders. Nick set himself apart and above the others because he cared so much about his dogs and their futures. He asked me about Jake’s eventual role among our family members, proposed training, and he asked me about every one of the dog’s we have owned. He reserved the right to choose the puppy he considered appropriate for us. Nick wants his dogs to thrive, to be happy and useful. The degree to which he cares about his

His care placed a wonderful German Shepherd puppy, Jake, with us. Jake is smart, sweet, friendly, and loyal. He is always happy to work and learn, or to try something new. Several people have told me that Jake’s fine temperament has caused them to change their opinions of German Shepherd dogs. Jake receives frequent compliments about his appearance; too: his dark face, black and red color, and wonderful expressions.

Nick assured us that he would always be available for us. Last summer I was incapacitated by injuries and our dogs got out of hand. Always courteous, polite, and pleasant, Nick drove to our house (2 day trip) and took the dogs, and evaluated their situation in light of our objectives. After talking with us, Nick took action to fix the problem. He re-instated training and added a good bit more. He kept our dogs at his home for an entire month.

I can hardly believe how much he did for these dogs and us. Nick cares so much about this breed. And when he says that he and I-Guard dogs are “world class” he’s not bragging, just stating a fact.

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