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Marc Geller

My family and I could not have asked for a better Shepherd when we went on our mission to get another dog. Tiki’s genetics have produced a disposition which is very adaptable and critical for dealing with the real world. He understands his place in the family, with the horses and goats; and also that when he is in the car or at the office or on a walk or at the coast he has different limits and opportunities. Physically, he’s a looker… you can’t walk him around town or anywhere w/out compliments and people saying what a beautiful dog.

Tiki dealt w/ learning to repress his prey instinct as my highly active 4 (especially) and 6 year old boys terrorized him during his young puppy hood. Tiki is now bombproof with our kids and other kids and the public. Yet he still has the character and built in traits of protection when appropriate. At only 7 months, the best part is that we have only hit the tip of the iceberg insofar as what he has and will offer our family.

Thanks for producing top notch Shepherds, Nick, and your guidance in assessing our family and directing us toward this dog despite my initial desire to get the slightly bigger and more domineering pup. Tiki was the right choice for us — and has plenty of size and presence.

We have the utmost respect for you as a breeder and as a person.

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