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Mary Bradley

Hello – My name is Mary Bradley , I am from Sacramento, CA and I haven’t had a puppy in 20 years. I was very apprehensive in owning one. I purchased a puppy from Nick in July 08 (thanks to my best friend who owns two of Nick’s dogs). Nick was wonderful in contacting me about my lifestyle as to what type temperament of dog would fit me best…large yard, small yard, children, etc. In addition, if you look on his website you can see all the dogs in different stages of their growth. The dog that I own is so sweet, gentle, and beautiful…he loves my children, grandchildren, and neighbors. Nick loves his dogs…he is very protective of them; this proves to me his is one of the best breeders around. In fact, I am thinking of getting another puppy in the near future.

P.S. You can always call Nick if you have questions on any subjects/concerns!

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