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Mary Clark

I wanted to take the time and say thank you.

I want the world to know that I believe you, I-Guard and your dog’s are truly the “complete package.” I don’t even want to try to imagine where I would be in life if I have not met you 5 years ago. As I’m sure you remember, I was not very thrilled about not being able to pick out my own puppy. However, now I see why you do what you do and the way you do it. I have owned 4 GSD’s in my life and never had one that had it all. Jine is the smartest Shepherd I’ve owned and he is most handsome off them all. He just received his service dog certification and I’m so very proud of him. His loyalty is unbelievable, all he lives for is to is please and protect.

Nick, keep doing what you’re doing. Your reputation is earned by the the quality of dogs you produce and the way you treat their new owners. I’m 100% satisfied with everything you’ve done for me and Jine.

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