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Mary Schultz

Dear Nick, This is my “testimonial,” whatever that is. Use whatever you like, as I had a lot to say, but please make sure and post my photo, for obvious reasons:

I am an exceptionally handsome German Shepherd dog from a very high end kennel in Vancouver BC. My daddy was a national Schutzhund champ. When I was ten weeks old, a woman came into my kennel. The owner let me out of my pen to meet her, but then began taking her to see all the other younger puppies. I clung to the woman’s leg and started singing. I’ve never let go. Or stopped singing.

We go everywhere together–skiing, snowshoeing, walking, chopping wood, hot tubbing– I’m her office’s sleeping therapy dog. I have exceptional “prey drive”–if you’re a squirrel in my yard, or a skunk, or a crow, or a small child with a balloon. But very early on, I went to Spokane puppy training places. They taught me that large loud people are allowed to walk right up to me and my person, take my leash right out of her hand, and walk off with me. And that I should go. This didn’t seem right to me, but I got passed around to everyone for weeks, and fed treats, and I got the lesson that every human being is my friend.

One day my person came home to find me playing boat bumper in our backyard with two guys who were cleaning out our garage —I figured she’d sent them to take all our sporting gear somewhere else. Apparently not. And then on one of our walks, we met a person out in the street at midnight one night with a dog, and I entertained their dog off in the park while I let my person chat. The police dog who arrived after the “mugging” explained the word to me–he didn’t look very impressed with me, but I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

I sat on the floor at her feet and heard her calling everywhere—Arizona, and California and BC and ….everyone said “There’s a guy up there in Pullman…his name is Nick Lungu”

That’s when I met Uncle Nick. He’s in Spokane now. My world is a lot less confusing now. Nick showed me how my job isn’t actually to play with burglars with boat bumpers, but to make sure our family doesn’t get “mugged” again. It feels like my wiring is being re-activated. I still go to work downtown and am gentle as a lamb, but when someone tries to come through the back door when my person isn’t home, I’m now able to get a little piece of sleeve through the door. The other night, someone who was walking very funny and jumpy in the parking lot tried to come walking very funnily up to our truck at a stoplight, and I made them go away. This just makes a lot more sense to me–good people and bad people.

I wish we’d both found Nick earlier. As a still remarkable singer, I can go from a high C to a really bass bark in an instant. I am now a multi faceted German Shepherd dog.

Thank you Uncle Nick. I love having a real job. We’re having a lot more fun now wherever we go.

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