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Shawn & Peggy Audie

Shawn & I would like to extend out sincerest appreciation to Nick Lungu at I-Guard International for all he has done for us by sharing his time & knowledge prior to our purchase of Angus and through his first year and a half. Oh, let’s get real, probably the rest of his life!

We would like to share our experience with others who may be interested in working with Nick as a trainer or purchasing one of his dogs.

Nick has such amazing talent when it comes to training. He was there for us without hesitation when we realized we needed help in understanding and training our German Shepherd dog, Angus.

I have to admit if it wasn’t for Nick’s help in working with Angus and us (me mostly), it very well might have been a scenario of “It’s Me or the Dog”. When Angus was about 10 or 11 months old he tweaked out on me one night when I was home alone wrapping Christmas presents to be mailed using the thick mailing tape. He started jumping & barking all over the kitchen and it scared me enough that I called my husband in a panic; this was a new reaction. We decided immediately it was time to get me some help.

Nick came over to our house, we talked, and he did an assessment of Angus. What Nick surmised of the situation the night he tweaked, Angus had a fear of the sound of the clear mailing tape as it was coming off of the dispenser. Nick helped me understand it and how to deal with Angus. During the assessment we agreed there was additional training that Angus needed, so Nick took Angus and worked with him for a week and a half. When he came home we almost didn’t recognize him as the same dog we dropped off just a short time before. I swear Nick is a “dog whisperer” or maybe he’s just down right gifted with animals.

Angus came back to us disciplined; listening, and responsive to commands. Nick then began his training with us. To be honest it was more with me than my husband. It brought me more confidence, trust and consistency in discipline and praise with Angus. He came home a happier dog and we were happier because Nick taught us useable tools in training our dog. We worked hard with Angus in between our training sessions and have come to understand that consistency is an every day commitment and our love and bond has become much stronger for it. We love our dog from Nick Lungu!!

We know Nick will always be there for us. He is an honest man with integrity, morals, is passionate, and committed to ensuring the dogs and owners are happy.

We are hugely appreciative of what Nick has done for us; and for that we’d like to say, Thank you for being there for us always.”

With warmest appreciation,
Shawn & Peggy Audie & Angus too!

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