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The Blooms

Before we hired Nick Lungu at I-Guard International, we thought our only option was to “put down” our dog because of his severe aggression towards people and other dogs. We couldn’t even take him for walks, or have him around new people or animals. He would lunge and try to bite. Now after training with Nick Lungu, Sergeant can be around new people and other dogs with no signs of any aggression. Dogs and even kids can play with and around him, this would not have been possible with out Nick’s training and advice. He now listens to all of his commands all the time even while he has many distractions. We thought we had only one option and it was to “put him down” and now we can keep and love our dog as another member of our family.

Thank you Nick for all of your time and advice, we could not have kept Sergeant with out your help. We recommend you with out any hesitation to anyone interested in training their dog. You’re a miracle worker as far as we’re concerned.

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