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The Langs

My family and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping us select the best German Shepherd we have ever owned. As you know, the area we live in has a high crime rate. We knew that we wanted a protection dog; however, our situation was unique in that we have two small children and one teenager. When I contacted you with my desired dog for our family, I was certain that I was expecting something unrealistic. We needed a dog that would be patient with our son (age 6) and our youngest daughter (age 4). We needed a dog that we could take to ball games and social events. We needed a dog that would protect us in the event of a threatening situation and act as a deterrent. We needed a dog that would be smart enough to realize that when our oldest son came home from college and was wrestling with his younger brother there is no cause for alarm. We got exactly what we wanted from you and your breeding program. The training you provided has been amazing. It is very convenient to receive everything we need from breeding to training from one stable and honest business.

Sorry it took a few years to get you this testimonial. We have noticed that many of your new clients have added their testimonials. We feel bad that in the four years we have owned Zack, we have not gotten this to you sooner.

We highly recommend I-Guard International to anyone that is looking for an intelligent and balanced German Shepherd dog or puppy.

A friend of ours took this picture when we were visiting them in Oregon and we thought you would enjoy his natural stance.

Thank you!

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