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The Murrays

Words seem insufficient to express the appreciation we have to you for bringing our new baby into this world. At 8 weeks old, our little boy Rebel has been a wonderful addition to our family. My husband and I, even as children have always had a German Shepherd in our lives and have always loved the breed. In September of 2003 we put down our beloved 13 year old Shepherd, Jessie which was devastating. Two years later In September of 2005 we discovered I-guard International. My first acquaintance with Nick was, to say the least, a very informative one. I learned more about the breed and his dogs and ethics in one hour than I did in my 40 years of owning one. Now, after having a new puppy in our home for the last 4 months,

I have found Nick’s knowledge and advice to be a great support in raising and training our puppy Rebel. Nick is always there for me to answer any questions by phone and in person and is not hesitant to provide me with any visual aids or quick tips for use in training my puppy or in safeguarding his health. Rebel learned most of his basic commands by or before he was 10 weeks old and he still loves to learn. I have had the privilege of meeting a few of Nick’s magnificent dogs and I am very impressed with them. All have awesome temperament, personality and intelligence. I am also very impressed with Nick’s passion and responsibility for all his dogs and puppies. I am so glad that he screens new owners and matches them with the perfect dog—it worked for us as Rebel is indeed perfect.

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