German Shepherd Puppies, Brunswick, Georgia

Jeff, Lisa & Elizabeth Guest | Brunswick, Georgia

When we made the decision to add another member to our family, we knew we wanted a German Shepherd. I had spoken to others in the past, but did not feel comfortable. Some friends of ours had purchased theirs from I-Guard International and highly recommended them to us.

I contacted Nick Lungu and after speaking with him only once, I knew we had made contact with the right person immediately. We explained to Nick Lungu what we wanted and they matched our family perfectly with the new member of our family.

We live on the East Coast in Brunswick, Georgia and were so impressed with the quality, temperament and beauty of our I-Guard International German Shepherd that we flew Dakota Vom I-Guard International back to Spokane, WA for Nick Lungu to provide training in both Advanced Obedience and Service Animal Training.

Upon completion of her training, we flew to Spokane, WA to meet and work with Nick on what he had accomplished. I am writing this testimonial to say that we were happy with Dakota before, but since Nick completed his professional and superb training of Dakota Vom I-Guard International, we are absolutely amazed and more than satisfied with how disciplined and well behaved Dakota was when we picked her up.

She flew back with us on the plane and was awesome both on the flight and in the airports. We continue to work with Dakota Vom I-Guard International as we were instructed and would recommend Nick Lungu to anyone that wants the absolute best and professional training for their dog. Consistency is crucial as we were told and we have continued to do as we were taught.

We could never say “Thank You” enough for what you guys did for our family.  There is no one better than Nick Lungu.

Kenneth & Carmen Jackson | Liberty Lake, WA

Kenneth and I want to express our appreciation for the outstanding training you have done with our German Shepherd Dog, Molly, and with us. Molly’s behavior was unstable when he brought her to you. She was always a loving dog but was alternately hesitant and aggressive. She had been well socialized as a puppy and we had taken her through various stages of dog training with classes leading to her AKC Good Canine Companion certificate. But in spite of this, she was not always obedient not really very comfortable around other people and dogs. She would jump up on family members almost knocking them over. We had tried all the suggestions to correct this behavior without success. When she suddenly took off after a dog that was barking behind a fence, knocking me over on the asphalt path causing my glasses to break and cutting me severely on my forehead, I knew I couldn’t trust her to walk with me again. Even my grown children did not want to be around her anymore.

We were at our wits end. Fortunately, I-Guard International was recommended to us by several persons. After your evaluation of Molly, you assured us that you could not only correct her behavior but that she would be a much happier dog. It didn’t seem possible.

Putting Molly in training with you was the best decision that Kenneth and I ever made regarding a dog. After four weeks in training Molly came home a truly changed dog! She is now a stable, happy and truly obedient dog. She is a delight to be around. We walk with her confidently, knowing that she is listening to us, still interested in all that is going on but no longer being intimidated by all the activity around her. And she is now stable around other people and dogs. In fact, she truly enjoys going with us to the local Farmer’s Market where we receive compliments on her calm and friendly attitude as well as her good looks. No more jumping up and almost knocking over family members. It’s hard to believe this is the same dog! The best part of all is that she is so happy. She is so much more confident and relaxed. She truly enjoys just being Molly.

Training Molly isn’t all that you have done. Your working with us as well and helping us to understand Molly’s needs has brought us even closer to our dog. You have given us the tools and confidence to work with Molly so that we can be sure that she will continue to be a delightful and happy dog. And your assurance that you are only a phone call away if we need any help is most reassuring. Thank you, Nick. We recommend you without reservation to anyone who needs help with a problem dog. You have been a wonderful friend as well as a wonderful trainer.

Debbie Meyer | Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have two black Labs, one 10 years old and one 7 months old. When Nick came to our house for the initial evaluation, I didn’t have enough hands to hold my dogs back and answer the door at the same time. It was total chaos. In less than 3 weeks, my dogs were on a down and stay when the doorbell rang. They also come when called, ignore other dogs when we are out in public, and I don’t even need a leash to take them for a walk. They are so well behaved I can take them anywhere and I am confident of their good behavior. I get compliments on how good they are everywhere I go. I live in Albuquerque and they are the best trained dogs in town. Nick is proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks. Thanks, Nick, for taking the chaos out of our lives.

German Shepherd Puppies, Spokane, WA

Mary Schultz | Spokane, WA

Dear Nick, This is my “testimonial,” whatever that is. Use whatever you like, as I had a lot to say, but please make sure and post my photo, for obvious reasons:

I am an exceptionally handsome German Shepherd dog from a very high end kennel in Vancouver BC. My daddy was a national Schutzhund champ. When I was ten weeks old, a woman came into my kennel. The owner let me out of my pen to meet her, but then began taking her to see all the other younger puppies. I clung to the woman’s leg and started singing. I’ve never let go. Or stopped singing.

We go everywhere together–skiing, snowshoeing, walking, chopping wood, hot tubbing– I’m her office’s sleeping therapy dog. I have exceptional “prey drive”–if you’re a squirrel in my yard, or a skunk, or a crow, or a small child with a balloon. But very early on, I went to Spokane puppy training places. They taught me that large loud people are allowed to walk right up to me and my person, take my leash right out of her hand, and walk off with me. And that I should go. This didn’t seem right to me, but I got passed around to everyone for weeks, and fed treats, and I got the lesson that every human being is my friend.

One day my person came home to find me playing boat bumper in our backyard with two guys who were cleaning out our garage —I figured she’d sent them to take all our sporting gear somewhere else. Apparently not. And then on one of our walks, we met a person out in the street at midnight one night with a dog, and I entertained their dog off in the park while I let my person chat. The police dog who arrived after the “mugging” explained the word to me–he didn’t look very impressed with me, but I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

I sat on the floor at her feet and heard her calling everywhere—Arizona, and California and BC and ….everyone said “There’s a guy up there in Pullman…his name is Nick Lungu”

That’s when I met Uncle Nick. He’s in Spokane now. My world is a lot less confusing now. Nick showed me how my job isn’t actually to play with burglars with boat bumpers, but to make sure our family doesn’t get “mugged” again. It feels like my wiring is being re-activated. I still go to work downtown and am gentle as a lamb, but when someone tries to come through the back door when my person isn’t home, I’m now able to get a little piece of sleeve through the door. The other night, someone who was walking very funny and jumpy in the parking lot tried to come walking very funnily up to our truck at a stoplight, and I made them go away. This just makes a lot more sense to me–good people and bad people.

I wish we’d both found Nick earlier. As a still remarkable singer, I can go from a high C to a really bass bark in an instant. I am now a multi faceted German Shepherd dog.

Thank you Uncle Nick. I love having a real job. We’re having a lot more fun now wherever we go.

German Shepherd Puppies, Kenai, Alaska

Colleen Douglas | Kenai, Alaska

I had phoned many breeders in Alaska, Canada, Oregon, the east coast, California and mid-west about German Shepherd puppies for sale. Finally, referred to I-Guard , I decided to call. I spoke with Nick, and as odd as it seems, I knew immediately this man is educated in the health, history, breeding, training, and I was wanted to buy a German Shepherd puppy from him! He asked me a lot of questions to determine what type of personality would fit with my lifestyle the best. When I hung up, I must admit, I was firmly convinced!!

This Nick at I-Guard International was extremely and passionately schooled in dogs, especially German Shepherd dogs. He did not waste my time, he answered my concerns clearly and precisely as I felt I had covered the globe in my search for my perfect German Shepherd dog. So, after a couple more conversations, I decided to fly to Spokane, Washington to check out their kennel.

I am disabled so, I needed a trained companion. When I got there, I was very impressed as I-Guard’s kennels were immaculate. His dogs are the happiest German Shepherd dogs I’ve ever seen and I’ve had German Shepherd’s all my life.

Nick has and still does, via long distance, teach and helps me!! My girl is 1 ½ yrs old, and has helped me from not falling on ice at Wal-Mart the other day. Actually stepped in front of me and balanced me. Flying to Spokane, Washington to meet Nick, was the best choice I made and I would do it again in a heartbeat! If you are interested in a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog, talk to I-Guard International – it is the right choice!

Thank you, Nick, for your hard work and dedication to you German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherd Puppies, Sandpoint, Idaho

Mike & Deborah Norton | Sandpoint, Idaho

Just wanted to drop a line to you, Nick, to let you know Ruger is doing great and we are loving this great German Shepherd Dog. He has impressed us not just with being intelligent but his concern for us. Two days after we brought Ruger home I took a fall from the deck, Ruger was at my side trying to help me up and sat with me to make sure I was ok, very impressive for a puppy with no training.

This morning while out for our morning walk I stop to get some pictures of the snow and I was taking my time to get them just right. Ruger thought I was stuck and started to dig my feet out from the snow, it is funny but also knowing he will be there to assist is really cool. Thank you for the time, effort and expense you and your family have put into these German Shepherd dogs, they are truly amazing.

Shawn & Peggy Audie | Spokane, WA

Shawn & I would like to extend out sincerest appreciation to Nick Lungu at I-Guard International for all he has done for us by sharing his time & knowledge prior to our purchase of Angus and through his first year and a half. Oh, let’s get real, probably the rest of his life!

We would like to share our experience with others who may be interested in working with Nick as a trainer or purchasing one of his dogs.

Nick has such amazing talent when it comes to training. He was there for us without hesitation when we realized we needed help in understanding and training our German Shepherd dog, Angus.

I have to admit if it wasn’t for Nick’s help in working with Angus and us (me mostly), it very well might have been a scenario of “It’s Me or the Dog”. When Angus was about 10 or 11 months old he tweaked out on me one night when I was home alone wrapping Christmas presents to be mailed using the thick mailing tape. He started jumping & barking all over the kitchen and it scared me enough that I called my husband in a panic; this was a new reaction. We decided immediately it was time to get me some help.

Nick came over to our house, we talked, and he did an assessment of Angus. What Nick surmised of the situation the night he tweaked, Angus had a fear of the sound of the clear mailing tape as it was coming off of the dispenser. Nick helped me understand it and how to deal with Angus. During the assessment we agreed there was additional training that Angus needed, so Nick took Angus and worked with him for a week and a half. When he came home we almost didn’t recognize him as the same dog we dropped off just a short time before. I swear Nick is a “dog whisperer” or maybe he’s just down right gifted with animals.

Angus came back to us disciplined; listening, and responsive to commands. Nick then began his training with us. To be honest it was more with me than my husband. It brought me more confidence, trust and consistency in discipline and praise with Angus. He came home a happier dog and we were happier because Nick taught us useable tools in training our dog. We worked hard with Angus in between our training sessions and have come to understand that consistency is an every day commitment and our love and bond has become much stronger for it. We love our dog from Nick Lungu!!

We know Nick will always be there for us. He is an honest man with integrity, morals, is passionate, and committed to ensuring the dogs and owners are happy.

We are hugely appreciative of what Nick has done for us; and for that we’d like to say, Thank you for being there for us always.”

With warmest appreciation,
Shawn & Peggy Audie & Angus too!

German Shepherd Puppies, Missoula, Montana

Lea Shields | Missoula, Montana

My boyfriend and I brought our then 10-month-old Great Dane puppy Remy to see Nick at I-Guard International because he had started to become increasingly fear aggressive towards strangers and we need Remy to be dog trained. Nick was even kind enough to accommodate our move out of state by squeezing us in on short notice, despite his extremely busy schedule.

After a 2 week stay at I-Guard International and subsequent visits I saw a huge improvement in Remy’s confidence and reliability around new people. Not only did Nick help lay a foundation for good behavior for our dog, he gave us the tools and information we needed to continue to help him become more sociable with people. With Nick’s help and working with him afterwards, Remy went from being fearful, lunging, and barking at people who approached us on walks to sniffing curiously and allowing them to pet him.

Training a dog is a process that is still not over, but Nick’s expertise was invaluable in helping us overcome the issues we were having. It is obvious that Nick Lungu is very knowledgeable and dedicated to the work he does and did everything he could to help us in our individual situation. We are very grateful for his services.

Rick & Priscilla Inman | Spokane Valley, WA

I-Guard knows dogs! Not just their beautiful German Shepherds but all dog breeds. Nick knows your dog with in minutes and will have them doing things you never thought they’d do. For instant, sit, down and stay even when other dogs are around and being distracting. I can now walk my dogs and be confident that they will respond to my command. I am so grateful to Nick because I can now handle my dogs in many situations! Thanks, Nick!!

German Shepherd Puppies, Spokane, WA

Ken & Sue Anderson | Spokane, WA

We have two German Shepherd dogs and were frustrated because they did not respond to basic obedience commands. We had one dog who would pull and bark at other dogs and another who was fearful of anything she had not experienced before. We were hesitant to take them out with us for fear of having them behave badly.

Our work with I-Guard International has been incredible. We are just disappointed it took us so long to find Nick. He has done a fantastic job with our two German Shepherds…we could not be happier with the results. They are more attentive and obedient. It’s a great feeling to walk them with the leash in your pocket or, as we are starting to do, even off-leash. We can take the dogs anywhere now and are confident that they will behave. We get comments frequently now on how well behaved our dogs are. We cannot take the credit. The credit goes to Nick. He’s the best! He was able to quickly train our dogs and then was successful at the much more difficult task of training us!

We are so thankful for the entire experience with Nick. They were committed to doing everything they could do to help us. We cannot thank them enough.

We are telling all our friends about I-Guard.

German Shepherd Puppies, Pullman, WA

Meril Moore | Pullman, WA

I talked to several breeders before I talked to Nick Lungu at I-Guard International. At the age of 92 it was hard to get anyone to sell me a German Shepherd dog because they didn’t think I would be able to handle one. Nick and I had some very long conversations about the dogs I had in the past and he placed Brady with me two years ago.

Nick worked with me during the transition time to make sure Brady was the right dog for me and my lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier about the way it all worked out. I didn’t only buy a dog, I became like family to Nick, and his children.

Nick really knows how to find the right dog for the right situation.

Thank you!

Jodi Wyatt | Rexburg, Idaho

I was pretty skeptical on my drive over to Spokane, WA to meet Nick at I-Guard International. Kiddie is our little 4-lb ‘morkie’ that needed some behavior modification with her aggressive behavior towards other animals and barking at people. I have to admit, I thought his ‘big’ German shepherd would gobble her up because of her annoying behavior. Kiddie turned out to be a very well behaved little dog. She stays, walks on leash without pulling, better potty habits, crate trained, and doesn’t bark at other animals or people.

Nick did a great job with her. He is very informative and knowledgeable about dogs and dog training, and you can call him at any time if you have any questions or concerns. He had her trained in a very short period of time where we couldn’t do any of it in four years! We highly recommend Nick for dog training any breed you may have. We are very happy about the work he did with Kiddie!

German Shepherd Puppies, Apex, North Carolina

Jon & Audrey Dion | Apex, North Carolina

I have used Nick as both a dog trainer for our Doberman Pinscher and as a breeder when we purchased one of his excellent German Shepherd puppies. Our new little girl is all that we expected and is a great fit for the family. She is a confident, loyal, intelligent, boisterous, fun and healthy puppy – everything a GSD should be. Nick has truly done admirable work with this excellent breed!

Nick was also great to work with when he was employed by us as our dog trainer. He was an effective practitioner who was able to communicate well and more importantly deliver to us the results we wanted. I was thoroughly impressed with both the quality of his work and the speed of the results and I did not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and I would not hesitate to recommend him to you.

German Shepherd Puppies, Portland, Oregon

Karin Jacobs | Portland, Oregon

My name is Karin Jacobs and I have never owned a dog. I have always been a cat lover, having owned cats for 20 years. In October 2008, tragedy struck, I lost my husband unexpected on vacation in Hawaii of a massive stroke. My life turned upside down.

Still in a fog in December, a co-worker referred me to I-Guard when I expressed interest in owning a dog. I had no idea who Nick was, but I quickly discovered Nick was someone I could trust and his amazing knowledge of dogs. I wanted a female dog, but after talking with Nick for some length, he said I needed a “alpha male” to balance my life. I have two kitties, Jake and Elwood, and Nick was correct. The kitties are warming up to Tank daily!!

Nick was amazingly correct again! He had one puppy left and had 5 people wanting “Tank”, and I was the lucky one that Nick chose me to be Tank’s new Mom!

Tank is amazing, he has become my best friend. I swing with Tank on my porch swing as I read the “word” to him! Tank is so smart, I know he understand everything I read to him because he is now kneeling with me every night when I say my prayers!! (well…almost! I’m sure Nick can train Tank to do this if I asked – Nick being the puppy whisperer!)
I am so glad I met Nick, I know he and his family will be in my life forever!

Nick: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! — I LOVE MY PUPPY TANK!!! I call him my “monster puppy” as he seems to grow every day!!

There is NO way anyone can go wrong with purchasing a puppy from Nick – He truly is an amazing man who really knows his dogs!”

Thank you Nick!!

German Shepherd Puppies, Uniontown, WA

Andrew And Casi Chiavaras | Uniontown, WA

One of the things that stands out most about I-Guard International is Nick’s unconditional devotion to his dogs. After first meeting him, my husband and I both thought, “Wow, he really knows his stuff and loves the German Shepherds he breeds.” Over the past year, we’ve come to understand why. Living only one town over from Nick, we’ve not only been able to experience how incredible our dog Faira has turned out, but how unique all of the dogs from I-Guard become. We’ve met person after person who own one of I-Guard’s dogs and say the same thing: “I’ve never in my life seen a dog quite like this one.” Nick’s dogs are sound in temperament, extremely intelligent, seem to have an ability to understand just what their owners want, and then do it. They’re great around kids, make excellent family companions, and can be taught almost anything. If you’ve seen the pictures, you know Nick constantly produces some of the very best looking shepherds, too.

Nick has always been there to answer our every question, give advice, or help us in any way he knew how. He takes pride in his dogs and devotes his time in making sure all the owners of I-Guard puppies are just as well taken care of.

As much as we have to say about I-Guard’s breeding program, his training credentials are just as high. Thanks to Nick, our dog, Faira, is about to complete her training as a personal protection dog, has begun tracking work, and is very skilled in obedience. Within the year Nick will have taken her far enough to be able to compete in Schutzhund competitions with some of the very best dogs from around the nation. Aside from Faira, we’ve watched Nick transform dogs of all types and sizes. He’s turned vicious Pit Bulls into calm, well-mannered companions, shy puppies into strong and confident protection dogs, high-energy ankle biters into sweetly behaved lapdogs, and has trained numerous service dogs to accommodate all types of disabilities. He’s so confident with his program that he even donated a puppy to serve on the force of the Spokane Police Department. See article here: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/may/27/police-training-awaits-donated-puppy/

I would highly recommend I-Guard International to anyone seeking a top quality German Shepherd or for expert training for dogs of any breed.

Thank you Nick!

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