German Shepherd Puppies, Pullman, WA

Arlene Anderson | Pullman, WA

Nick Lungu of I-Guard International saved our dog from being put to death, through his training by transforming my Pit Bull PeWee from an aggressive, domineering, excitable, jumping, biting, barking guy into a well mannered behaved family member.

PeWee, an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, more commonly known as a Pit Bull is no longer to be feared and avoided, but instead praised and admired for his good behavior by every one that meets him. The transformation is amazing. Nick is a remarkable dog trainer.

Thank you Nick, we recommend you to anyone who needs dog training. You are the dog whisperer in Pullman WA.

The Soros Family | Italy, Texas

I would highly recommend Nick Lungu and I-Guard International to anyone who is interested in purchasing a high quality German Shepherd Dog. I was so impressed with the love and care that Nick has for his dogs. He makes sure that his puppies are going to suitable homes. He took a lot of time talking with me to find out what we were looking for in a dog, so he could best match the right puppy for our family. As a mother to a 5 year old son, it was very important to me that my new puppy would love children. Nick raises his puppies in his home with his children, so his puppies are socialized with children from the moment they are born.

Although we live 2000 miles away from Nick, I felt extremely comfortable purchasing a puppy from him. He went above and beyond my expectations! Nick took many hours of his own time to drive our puppy to an airport that would let him be shipped on a direct flight ensuring our puppy arrived safe and sound. When he arrived at the airport I opened the crate and he stepped right out very confidently as if to say “here I am!” I am very thankful to Nick for all he did for us.

Our pup is now almost 8 months old and it’s a joy to have him as a member of our family. He is extremely smart, and is absolutely beautiful with wonderful expressions. He gets complements everywhere he goes!

Mary Bradley | Sacramento, California

Hello – My name is Mary Bradley , I am from Sacramento, CA and I haven’t had a puppy in 20 years. I was very apprehensive in owning one. I purchased a puppy from Nick in July 08 (thanks to my best friend who owns two of Nick’s dogs). Nick was wonderful in contacting me about my lifestyle as to what type temperament of dog would fit me best…large yard, small yard, children, etc. In addition, if you look on his website you can see all the dogs in different stages of their growth. The dog that I own is so sweet, gentle, and beautiful…he loves my children, grandchildren, and neighbors. Nick loves his dogs…he is very protective of them; this proves to me his is one of the best breeders around. In fact, I am thinking of getting another puppy in the near future.

P.S. You can always call Nick if you have questions on any subjects/concerns!

Sherry Partch | Garfield, WA

I want to say Nick of I-Guard International is a miracle worker with dogs. He has made a great dog of Phoebe, our miniature Schnauzer. When I got her she was very afraid of small children and after a few months with Nick’s help, she has become calmer and is not afraid of small people, became my best friend, and is now a better mannered dog than I thought possible. Nick is a great trainer and has turned into a very good friend. Thanks Nick!

Mary Clark | Westlinn, Oregon

I wanted to take the time and say thank you.

I want the world to know that I believe you, I-Guard and your dog’s are truly the “complete package.” I don’t even want to try to imagine where I would be in life if I have not met you 5 years ago. As I’m sure you remember, I was not very thrilled about not being able to pick out my own puppy. However, now I see why you do what you do and the way you do it. I have owned 4 GSD’s in my life and never had one that had it all. Jine is the smartest Shepherd I’ve owned and he is most handsome off them all. He just received his service dog certification and I’m so very proud of him. His loyalty is unbelievable, all he lives for is to is please and protect.

Nick, keep doing what you’re doing. Your reputation is earned by the the quality of dogs you produce and the way you treat their new owners. I’m 100% satisfied with everything you’ve done for me and Jine.

Mara Heath | Oregon

I hardly know where to begin praising Nick Lungu, I-Guard International, and Jake, my I-Guard German Shepherd puppy. They are so wonderful!

I found I-Guard, a German Shepherd breeder, as I searched the net, and I had already spoken with several other German Shepherd breeders. Nick set himself apart and above the others because he cared so much about his dogs and their futures. He asked me about Jake’s eventual role among our family members, proposed training, and he asked me about every one of the dog’s we have owned. He reserved the right to choose the puppy he considered appropriate for us. Nick wants his dogs to thrive, to be happy and useful. The degree to which he cares about his

His care placed a wonderful German Shepherd puppy, Jake, with us. Jake is smart, sweet, friendly, and loyal. He is always happy to work and learn, or to try something new. Several people have told me that Jake’s fine temperament has caused them to change their opinions of German Shepherd dogs. Jake receives frequent compliments about his appearance; too: his dark face, black and red color, and wonderful expressions.

Nick assured us that he would always be available for us. Last summer I was incapacitated by injuries and our dogs got out of hand. Always courteous, polite, and pleasant, Nick drove to our house (2 day trip) and took the dogs, and evaluated their situation in light of our objectives. After talking with us, Nick took action to fix the problem. He re-instated training and added a good bit more. He kept our dogs at his home for an entire month.

I can hardly believe how much he did for these dogs and us. Nick cares so much about this breed. And when he says that he and I-Guard dogs are “world class” he’s not bragging, just stating a fact.

The Blooms | Spokane, WA

Before we hired Nick Lungu at I-Guard International, we thought our only option was to “put down” our dog because of his severe aggression towards people and other dogs. We couldn’t even take him for walks, or have him around new people or animals. He would lunge and try to bite. Now after training with Nick Lungu, Sergeant can be around new people and other dogs with no signs of any aggression. Dogs and even kids can play with and around him, this would not have been possible with out Nick’s training and advice. He now listens to all of his commands all the time even while he has many distractions. We thought we had only one option and it was to “put him down” and now we can keep and love our dog as another member of our family.

Thank you Nick for all of your time and advice, we could not have kept Sergeant with out your help. We recommend you with out any hesitation to anyone interested in training their dog. You’re a miracle worker as far as we’re concerned.

D. Ralston | Post Falls, Idaho

I’ve read all the letters that people have written about you and they are true. You have excellent customer service skills and you do love and care about your dogs. That is why you excel in your business. You’ve always been available to me for phone consultations. When Kamuela turned two, I finally drove down to Pullman for a consult, tune-up and boarding. You went above and beyond what I believe other dog handlers would of offered. Kamuela is definitely more content since his visit with you, but still has his high-drive. Thank-you for working out the rough edges. Kamuela is also one of the best looking German Shepherds I’ve ever seen and the bond I have with him is quite strong.

I look forward to knowing you for many years to come.

Marc Geller | Parkdale, Oregon

My family and I could not have asked for a better Shepherd when we went on our mission to get another dog. Tiki’s genetics have produced a disposition which is very adaptable and critical for dealing with the real world. He understands his place in the family, with the horses and goats; and also that when he is in the car or at the office or on a walk or at the coast he has different limits and opportunities. Physically, he’s a looker… you can’t walk him around town or anywhere w/out compliments and people saying what a beautiful dog.

Tiki dealt w/ learning to repress his prey instinct as my highly active 4 (especially) and 6 year old boys terrorized him during his young puppy hood. Tiki is now bombproof with our kids and other kids and the public. Yet he still has the character and built in traits of protection when appropriate. At only 7 months, the best part is that we have only hit the tip of the iceberg insofar as what he has and will offer our family.

Thanks for producing top notch Shepherds, Nick, and your guidance in assessing our family and directing us toward this dog despite my initial desire to get the slightly bigger and more domineering pup. Tiki was the right choice for us — and has plenty of size and presence.

We have the utmost respect for you as a breeder and as a person.

Bob Hess | Washington

I thought you might like an update on Eno. We have been cutting back slightly on his twice daily feeding amounts. Had him weighed at the vet Monday. 57 pounds. He becomes 5 months old this Friday. He is lean and handles his size easily on our daily walks up and down the hills that surround our house. His stamina is good for a puppy and his recovery at rest periods is better than normal. He is selective about the dogs he meets on his travels. Approaches male dogs with no fear and does not retreat but stands his ground without aggression. He is clearly in control of the encounter but not highly aggressive. He treats the females with a different attitude entirely. He does not try to mount, just is warm and friendly as he gives them what amounts to a complete physical exam. With people he is tolerant but not interested in making any new friends unless he sees one of us show friendship to the person. His intelligence is at least average to say the least and his attention to his surroundings is as good as I have seen in a pup since my Champion Lab Jake some years ago. His dentition is coming in well and of course he is experiencing the usual discomfort but continues to work hard on the fresh shank bone slices he gets from the local butcher.

In closing I must say that everything you have told me about the quality and qualities of the I-Guard bloodlines and the dogs that spring from it has been at least grossly understated. As you know, Eno is my third top class Shepherd. It is clear that he is superior to both the first Eno and also to Laredo. Both of those dogs were superb and were recognized as such in Schutzhund circles in both San Francisco and Las Vegas, respectively. Janet, Caitlin and I thank you for letting us take one of your dogs.

James And Barbara Richardson | Portland, Oregon

Fritz is everything we wanted in a puppy! We are so satisfied with his temperament and his bond with the family is already so strong at only 6 months old. Thank you for all your help and guidance through this process.

We get compliments on Fritz when we take him anywhere. We always tell people that we got him from I-Guard International in Pullman, Washington and had a great purchasing experience.

Thanks again for all you have done for us!

The Langs | Seattle, WA

My family and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping us select the best German Shepherd we have ever owned. As you know, the area we live in has a high crime rate. We knew that we wanted a protection dog; however, our situation was unique in that we have two small children and one teenager. When I contacted you with my desired dog for our family, I was certain that I was expecting something unrealistic. We needed a dog that would be patient with our son (age 6) and our youngest daughter (age 4). We needed a dog that we could take to ball games and social events. We needed a dog that would protect us in the event of a threatening situation and act as a deterrent. We needed a dog that would be smart enough to realize that when our oldest son came home from college and was wrestling with his younger brother there is no cause for alarm. We got exactly what we wanted from you and your breeding program. The training you provided has been amazing. It is very convenient to receive everything we need from breeding to training from one stable and honest business.

Sorry it took a few years to get you this testimonial. We have noticed that many of your new clients have added their testimonials. We feel bad that in the four years we have owned Zack, we have not gotten this to you sooner.

We highly recommend I-Guard International to anyone that is looking for an intelligent and balanced German Shepherd dog or puppy.

A friend of ours took this picture when we were visiting them in Oregon and we thought you would enjoy his natural stance.

Thank you!

Harley & Marsella Charron | Yachats, Oregon

When we decided to go through a breeder, we made a decision to find someone who was ethical and would have a long term investment in their pups.

We spoke to nearly a dozen breeders before we found I-Guard International. From our first phone call with Nick, we knew he was a serious breeder who cared about the future of his pups.

Since we picked up our pup, Nick has called to checked up on us and has offered his expertise. His knowledge and experience has been an invaluable resource to us. Our pup is adorable, smart, and even-tempered. We are constantly stopped and asked where we got him.

We not only recommend I-Guard, but we encourage potential GSD owners to call I-Guard before any other breeder. We feel lucky to have found I-Guard. This has been our first experience with a breeder and we can’t imagine it could have been better. Thanks again for everything that you have done, Nick!

The Walters | Vancouver, WA

We wanted to write you a letter to thank you for your hospitality during our visit. You were so patient with us and explained so much to us about this noble breed! You went above and beyond what we ever expected from a breeder. You know so much about and take such pride in raising German Shepherd puppies, breeding dogs, and how to care for our new puppy. We named our new puppy “Lizzy” and she is perfect in every way. She has become a part of the family in such a short period of time!

Out of all the German Shepherd dogs we have owned and raised from puppies, we have never had a puppy that has been able to learn so many commands by the age of 12 weeks. Its almost like we don’t have to tell her what to do, she already knows what is expected of her and does it willingly. She is also to become a little guardian of the family. She is very protective of everyone in the family, but especially the kids.

We are so thankful for your follow up phone calls to make sure we are doing okay and adjusting fine. You have gone out of your way to make sure we have an easy transition with Lizzy.

Judy Dunn | Pullman, WA

I want you to know that it has been a wonderful experience dealing with you both. I have seen the work, care, and especially the love that you put into raising top of the line German Shepherds. I would highly recommend you and your puppies to anyone. I am especially grateful for Nick always being available and willing to answer all of my questions and to assist me whenever I have a problem. Your help has been way more than I ever expected from a breeder.

My Maggie has more than met my expectations. She is very healthy, extremely intelligent, and absolutely beautiful. I love her dearly and I wouldn’t give her up for anything.

Thank you for all of you help and especially for a great German Shepherd puppy!

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