The Murrays | Potlatch, Idaho

Words seem insufficient to express the appreciation we have to you for bringing our new baby into this world. At 8 weeks old, our little boy Rebel has been a wonderful addition to our family. My husband and I, even as children have always had a German Shepherd in our lives and have always loved the breed. In September of 2003 we put down our beloved 13 year old Shepherd, Jessie which was devastating. Two years later In September of 2005 we discovered I-guard International. My first acquaintance with Nick was, to say the least, a very informative one. I learned more about the breed and his dogs and ethics in one hour than I did in my 40 years of owning one. Now, after having a new puppy in our home for the last 4 months,

I have found Nick’s knowledge and advice to be a great support in raising and training our puppy Rebel. Nick is always there for me to answer any questions by phone and in person and is not hesitant to provide me with any visual aids or quick tips for use in training my puppy or in safeguarding his health. Rebel learned most of his basic commands by or before he was 10 weeks old and he still loves to learn. I have had the privilege of meeting a few of Nick’s magnificent dogs and I am very impressed with them. All have awesome temperament, personality and intelligence. I am also very impressed with Nick’s passion and responsibility for all his dogs and puppies. I am so glad that he screens new owners and matches them with the perfect dog—it worked for us as Rebel is indeed perfect.

The Roberts | Spokane, WA

When we first learned about you and your breeding reputation in Pullman, WA, we decided we wanted to buy a German Shepherd puppy from you. Although it took a long time to go through your screening process, we are completely satisfied with the puppy we received. She is more than we could have asked for in a family companion and a protector of our home. She is very loving around our two small children. You have been very helpful by answering all of our questions we have had regarding our new puppy. You always take our phone calls and give us all the information necessary. We are very honored and thankful you were willing to sell us our German Shepherd puppy.

Clifford Alexander | San Francisco, California

I wanted to write you a letter to thank you for importing Rex, our German Shepherd puppy, from Germany for us. He has worked out great and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is growing every day and is becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings. We took him to a local Schutzhund trainer and everyone is very impressed with his learning abilities. The trainer only has to show Rex something once and he remembers everything! All the trainers and other dog owners ask where we got this wonderful German Shepherd dog. We will be sending you some pictures soon to show you the great dog he has turned out to be! We just wanted to take the chance to thank you and I-Guard International for everything you have done for us.

Dave And Nikki Murphy | Portland, Oregon

We purchased our German Shepherd Puppy, Storm when he was eight weeks old. Since the first day we brought him home he has been everything you promised he would be. Storm is now two years old and he is everything we expected a German Shepherd to be and more. He is very alert yet friendly towards new visitors. The training you provided has really got him to pay attention to his commands. We tell all of our friends and relatives about you and we’ll make sure they get their German Shepherd dogs from I-Guard International. Thank you for breeding such great dogs! He is a wonderful guardian and member of our family. He has changed our lives for the best.

Kim Keizur | Pullman, WA

Nick has an amazing way with dog training and their owners. We saw a difference in Shadow’s behavior after his first session with Nick. Nick also worked with our entire family on an individual basis to further our skills with handling Shadow.

Angelo | Pullman, WA

Rotty, my five year old Rottweiler, was trained by Nick at I-Guard International. He is now a more alert and obedient dog. We feel more confident knowing Rotty can handle any situation that will arise, yet I feel comfortable taking him around children and people he doesn’t know.

Richard Berger | Viola, Idaho

My wife and I have owned German Shepherd dogs for quite a few years. One of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do is put our last dog down after we’ve loved him for many years. After looking around for quite awhile for our new German Shepherd puppy we didn’t think we could find another dog that we could love just as much again. Then we found I Guard International. We got a new German shepherd dog from them that lived up to our expectations. Now we have a new member of our family for years to come.

The Shellys | Chattaroy, WA

I want you to know that Eike is a great dog. We love her very much.

Paul W. Upthegrove

This is going to be a somewhat lengthy letter as frankly I have a lot to say about I-Guard International’s German Shepherds and the total quality I have found.

I first spoke with Nick Lungu on the phone and quickly realized I was talking with someone I could trust and that I would enjoy working with. In the early stages, I worried a little about having Nick pick the pup for me. I remember wearing out Nick’s phone as each new puppy picture caught my eye. Proof, that Nick is patient is the fact that he still talks to me. However, at my wife’s urging, I bit my tongue and accepted. Now I understand why Nick does the choosing. My hairy best friend fits my family and my personal needs perfectly. In retrospect I should have realize that the professional knows his stuff. Thank you Nick for overriding me.”

On arriving at his home, I was of course overwhelmed by an undulating sea of hairy bellies. However, my eyes were drawn to a magnificent credit to the breed. Heidi in a one word is magnificent. The kennel area was immaculate. Nick was both knowledgeable and probing in his question for us. It did not take long before I knew I wanted to become a member of the extended I-Guard family. Then came the interminable wait, until finally Nick called to say that Günner our German shepherd puppy, was ready to come home.

We drove down to Spokane, Washington and I got to meet my best friend one on one. Like all dogs, Günner was to have a special purpose. That is to be a fully integrated member of the family. A cuddle bunny with my daughter, a kitchen helper when my wife is cooking, and most importantly my partner assisting me with my disability. To date he has been excelling in all of his training.

Very recently, we had group training at a local mall with four womb mates and their very proud humans. Nick, it was wonderful. At the end, the dogs were exhausted as was I. I have never seen such a beautiful group of dogs in one place before. I think that day did more for the breed locally than all the dog shows on TV.

One of the biggest things I noticed was how truly happy all the dogs were. This seems to speak to Nick’s breeding goals and training methods. Now is my Günner perfect? Perhaps not, but he is perfect for me. Looking at his womb mates I could see, all were perfect.

Thank you, Nick and family for making this all possible.

German Shepherd Puppies,

Gery and Jean Morse

We initially had German Shepherds for twenty-five years and we then waited five years before purchasing Riley from Nick. We could not be more pleased with the whole process. Nick does a great job matching people with his dogs, and his expertise after the sale has been extremely valuable to us as we adjust to Riley (and vice-versa.) I have no reservations in recommending I-Guard International to anyone looking for a quality dog sold by a professional breeder and trainer.

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